Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley first came to my attention in The New Avengers as Purdey - like the gun elegant and deadly. Beautiful, independent, smart and a woman who could take care of herself in a fight. In other words exactly what I wanted to be. Not sure how many of those I became?

But Joanna has continued to grace our screens and has proven an actress who finds character roles we have grown to love. Most celebrated would be Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous and one of my alltime favourite scenes below!

Go on admit it, did you spot her the first time you saw that scene? I didn't!

She even does Trashy with style!

I've always admired how she conducts herself personally, as well. She's a single mother but refuses to name the father and supported herself and her son. No cashing in on publicity from cheap magazines to help support herself either. She's campaigned for Gurkha rights and been the driving force behind a major policy change in their favour.

As Cab Calloway would say, "she has Class with a capital K!"

Now, I'm off to find some more Class for next week!

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