Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Soooo why does Graham Norton get everywhere?

There was a time when Graham Norton was only seen after the watershed.

And many of us would say “quite rightly so”!

But now he’s everywhere. Radio, Reality TV shows, shows to find leading cast members for Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals, taking over from Jonathan Ross… No, that’s post watershed!…

Eurovision. Is there nothing the man won’t do? I mean Eurovision, a byword for trashy, cheesy pop songs! Has the man no shame? No taste?

Oh Hang on, if you’ve seen his night time show, you know that is a statement if fact! He delights in cheese, he delights in sleaze. Not so much as innuendo and in your face –o!

©2010CathyRead -Graham Norton - A4 - Ink on paper

Gradually - and none too subtly - he has invaded our airspace. Even making it onto the BBC, the home of conventional morality. How did he do it? How does someone who’s presentation style is so near the knuckle manage such a conquest?

Sure, there is a difference between the toned down daytime persona and the post watershed character…but it’s not much!

I think it must be the mass of contradiction! He comes across as “nice” and caring but then makes a bitchy comment about a celebrity, does something awful to a member of the audience or shows a web link which is shocking.

Morally, I know I should disapprove of what he does. Yes, he makes you laugh, but cruelly at other people’s expense! The ultimate “Car crash TV”. You know you’ll regret what you see, but you can’t help but look!

So will I watch him now, will he be my guilty little secret?

What do you think?

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