Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Anjelina Jolie Action woman!

Anjelina Jolie pencil sketch

This is my third or forth attempt at Angelina. With her lips, it's very easy to make her a caricature, but I thought I should try drawing her straight, for a change!
I was initially indifferent to Angelina Joli. I watched Tomb raider and thought Ho hum! But she's kinda grown on me!

First  when she did Mr and Mrs Smith an action movie with domestic arguments at the height of all the action.

This weekend I watched SALT. And it was a refreshing change to have a female lead who wasn't pouting - scratch that with those lips, it's impossible not to! But you know what I mean, there was enough empasis on the action and her sexuality was played down. It was refreshing. And I loved that the ending was not her finding her Mr. Right.
Suddenly I was impressed with Angelina. There was still some gratuitous nudity at the beginning. Nothing too graphic, and over mercifully quickly. But then for the rest of the film she kept her clothes on!
Action scenes where she took the lead, no cowering in corners whilst her "protector" fought the bad guys! The inner feminist in me was shouting at last, a decent action film meant to appeal to women!! Love it! Sure, it was corny, in a James Bond kind of way, there were plot gaps and inconsistencies. But, hey if you want realism, don't look to Hollywood!!!

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