Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Finding time to draw - Portrait of a sleeping baby

Ever wonder where the time goes?
Me Too! I’ve had a week dominated by art promotion and IT development, and even then I’m not happy with the results. So creating art time has been at a premium. Fortunately evening classes mean I usually get something painted each week. I also get to try out new ideas and techniques I might not automatically choose!
Last week it was, my shiny baby in charcoal and chalk.
©2010 Cathy Read - Sleeping baby statue
Sometimes you need to go back to basics and studies help.
With caricatures that means you go back to faces. You need to be able to recreate a face accurately, before you can really play around and make a caricature. Sometimes you need to eliminate colour and focus on shapes and tone. So a return to monochromatic images, seemed in order. Or, in this case, a small bust of a sleeping baby! Or a very shiny baby in this case.
Children and young people are notoriously difficult to get right. Lines age the image, smooth blending and accurate placement are the key!
I love my art classes. I know that whatever happens. At least I’ll be creating something new in the evening!
My other motivator is my sketchbook, and I’ve just signed up for the Sketchbook Project 2011, more details next week.
So, what do you do to motivate you to create art?

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