Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Olivia Newton John’s Glee – I’m being topical, honest!

After posting last week I learnt an important lesson!


“And what might that be?” I hear you ask. 

I really must check my previous week’s post to see what I promised to do this week!!!!!

I confess, Organisation is not my strong point. So here’s Olivia Neutron Bomb sorry Olivia Newton John.

©2010 Cathy Read-Olivia Newton John

My humble apologies for the delay. It won’t happen again, Miss! Which reminds me! Why do old nicknames have a habit of sticking?

The most memorable seem to play on original names e.g. I was a Concannon and one of mine was “Cannonball”.

Or they’re simply humiliating! ‘S funny, I don’t feel like giving a personal example here…

Olivia’s stratospheric popularity following Grease might be why she was awarded this one.

I think I might have gone a bit OTT with the hair! Tiger stripes!!!! And yet she can carry it off, don’t some people make you green?

I was getting concerned that this caricature was “out of mode” for want of a better word. But,as you can see below, Olivia’s been in Glee recently.

I had trouble finding a good youtube video. Apparently Sony have blocked some! But I found it! Hmm, I always liked the original…

But I think this one might be better!

Makes a refreshing change to see the objectification of men! Am I bad? And she’s wearing well! Hope I look that good at her age. Think I might need to step up the exercise/diet program first though. Time to walk the dog!

Next week the Big Draw!

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