Tuesday, 28 September 2010

When life gets in the way of art!

Ever wonder where you can find the time to paint?

And then when you do sit down it doesn’t turn out well.

It’s been a bit like that this week!

I had a fabulous opportunity to exhibit my art at John Lewis over the weekend. As I was focussing on the abstract and representational work, the caricatures went by the wayside. Until my son’s swimming lesson yesterday.

Found a picture of John Travolta in the Sunday magazine and set to work.

When I was  teenager John was THE pin-up after the release of Grease. Forget Olivia Newton John’s “sew yourself in them” pants, he was the sexiest thing around! She would have been trampled in the stampede if he went anywhere near my school!


Heeeeere’s Johnny!

©2010 Cathy Read - John Travolta sitting

Now, if  when I get time to draw this week, I think I should do Olivia so I can have a matched pair!

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