Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Top Gear Presenters love their cars! Cracking caricature Hammond, Clarkson and May!

Love Top Gear?

Or do you despise it with a passion?

Messrs Clarkson, May and Hammond have a lot to answer for. Love or hate them, you can’t avoid them on British television - especially if you watch Dave. Wall to wall repeats, sometimes for days!

I had this idea for a caricature for a couple of years ago. Finally got around to it!

Top Gear Presenters

I don’t claim to be a car expert! But I think Jeremy Clarkson is driving a Ford Capri…I’m pretty sure that’s what it is.

James May is in a …hmm… Ford Capri, and Richard Hammond is in a… Ford Capri!

Yay, I nailed it! Are you impressed?

No! Oh, you aren’t! Why, did I get one wrong?

But aren’t all cars the same?

Face palm!

So, as you can see, cars interest me as much as watching paint dry. Well, actually, probably less than that! I’m an artist and frequently have to wait for paint to dry!!!!

I’m ambivalent about Mr Clarkson though. Sometimes I think he’s displaying a “hard man” persona purely for career development. The rest of the time I think he’s probably not that clever and the arrogant persona is who he is? Which means, I’ve no idea really!

I enjoy Top Gear, in moderation, and for those who’ve never seen it, here’s a classic clip!

Basically they’ve been given the challenge to turn a car into a boat, one that can still be driven! Watch and enjoy!!!!

Not sure I can top that, so I’ll leave you pondering watery images.

Remember kids, always ask yourself:- Is it safe to go in the water? Do I really know what I’m doing?


They obviously didn’t!

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