Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Rachel Weisz portrait - The joy of experimenting with new media

Creative people love new toys. Something to inspire and spark off a new idea. Most artist’s I know struggle with hoarding and buy lots of new materials. Drooling when they enter art shops. I’m afraid I’m no different.

About 2 weeks ago I bought some Oil pastels at the Art in Action event. Since then I’ve been mega busy. Finally this week, I’ve managed to use them.

As a novice to oil pastels, I thought I’d experiment to see what I can achieve. I found a great magazine picture of Rachel Weisz in muted arty tones. You know the ones which make your skin look a funny bluish purple. And felt it was time to work on those skin tones! My last effort with pastel resulted in orange peel skin.  I wanted to avoid that this time!

 Rachel Weisz

I think this one is better! But I might go back to it! Deciding when a picture is finished can be tricky. When working on a piece, I get so engrossed it’s easy to miss glaring faults. These faults usually jump out after a break, although not always immediately. But you also have to know when to stop, when to continue will just ruin it!  And sometimes you discover new effects and working further will destroy the life in the art! You get the picture?

Anyway, this experimenting has started me working on some mixed media paintings. Mainly landscapes so far but I’m rediscovering the joys of mixed media.

I started as a sketch portrait of Siobhan, but she moved after about a minute. So I decided to play, turning it into an abstracty sort of thing. The result looked fun!


A slight Buddist feel to the face, perhaps?

So, this week I’m going to play some more! Another caricature in mixed media, perhaps???

We’ll see!

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