Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Iggy Pop and getting in touch with your inner elf

Some caricatures are hard to do. I’ve no ideas and rack my brains to find the right angle!

Not so this week!

Last weekend we watched the Lord of the rings trilogy over 2 nights. Only to be leant the boxed set - with deleted scenes - by my son’s friend who can best be described as “in touch with his inner geek”! In fact he’s not so much in touch with it as he’s totally embracing it and has invited it to take over permanently!

Needless to say we’ve watched some of the deleted scenes and my brain is oozing LOTR!

This week, I decided to do Iggy Pop. And after about 4 lines, I had Elf Lord screaming at me!

Well, look at him and tell me you don’t see Elf Lord?


Doubt me? Well let me present my evidence!


I rest my case!

So here’s my Iggy Pop…

Iggy Pop

You might have noticed a hint of Wizard as well. Sobs quietly…I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself! Did I say we’ve watched the whole of the Trilogy in one weekend? That kind of exposure does things to a girl!

Now who should I try next week, a hobbit perhaps? Hmm, think I might have had enough LOTR for a while!

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