Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Caricaturing Sarah Jessica Parker’s fine! But what is the appeal of Sex in the City?

I’ve really never been able to get into the Sex in the City programmes. 
I love the concept. Independent woman in high earning careers. I believe that women can achieve the same levels of intellectual excellence as men! But I’m not sure this programme demonstrates it…
The sexual freedom, whilst I might not agree with it, seems to be an attempt at levelling the playing field. Again, nothing wrong with that. So what’s my problem?
Firstly, I detect the idea that to be complete a woman must find “Mr Right” which pervades the entire show. Is that seriously the primary goal of the career minded woman?  I don’t think so!
Is “Mr Right” going to whisk one of them away to be a “kept” woman? The mindless “paradise” of woman, where the only decisions she has to worry about are the colour of the decor and her dress…
Is he going to be an equal partner who supports her desire to develop a career? If that’s the case – no problemo! Men can have both, so why not women?
The other issue I have with Sex in the City is the obsession with fashion. I could cope with an interest but they’re supposed to be intelligent women?  Where are the other interests? Really, are independent women so two dimensional?
I am, of course, speculating since I’ve never been able to sit through more than half a show. If they have other interests, I haven’t seen them. I can’t get past the random sexual encounters and obsession with fashion. Jimmy who?
Reminds me of another show about an “Independent woman” Ally McBeal. Maybe I’ll do her next week although Ally McBeal is a bit old hat now.
So, back to Sex in the City – lack of interest hasn’t stopped me being aware of the show and some of the characters. So, with the launch of SITC 2 I thought I’d do Sarah Jessica Parker or Carrie as I believe she is in the show.
Sarah Jessica Parker
She was a frustrating caricature to do. I’ve attempted Sarah Jessica Parker before but it’s easy to make her look masculine. The body didn’t work in a standing pose, I kept losing her length in favour of girth. Having said that, the finished caricature has come out well. I may tweak the hair a little more though!
So, should I do Ally next week?

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