Thursday, 27 May 2010

Bald female and beautiful? Sinead O'Connor, Britney Spears or Natalie Portman!

Baldness is not a state associated with beautiful women.
I start with Sinead O’Connor here. The trouble with a name like Sinead –or any name beginning with S I imagine- is, if you shave your head, you’re going to get called “Skinhead” O’Connor, Like it or not. She certainly was tagged that in our household. Sorry Sinead!
Sinead OConnor
I’ve been trying to find a clip where Ross’s girlfriend in friends shaves her head – so, if anyone can find it can you send me the link, please.
Ok, so Sinead was an obvious one, so I got to thinking who else has been bald and I remembered Britney Spears deforestation a few years back. So there was no doubt there. I thought about the school uniform theme but it felt a bit creepy. So went for the catsuit/body-stocking effect. Only slightly less creepy perhaps?!
Britney Spears 001
I really struggled to find number three. Bald female celebrities, which weren’t just photoshop efforts, seem to be defeating the object. I eventually found Natalie Portman here.
Natalie Portman

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