Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Calista Flockhart – can you caricature a name?

When you hear a name like Calista Flockhart, you have to wonder is it her real name? I mean it’s nothing like Jane Smith, is it? It’s fabulous in its uniqueness! You could never call it dull, or conventional! Given the tendency for stars to have stage names I was impressed to find out it’s her original name.

Although I sometimes wonder when I hear American names, what were the parents thinking? I understand that - whilst traditions need to be respected – sometimes parents aren’t thinking of anything. For example, I have three Christian names which I’ve understood meant Pure White Rose, in that order. Lovely you might think! But through no conscious thought on my parents behalf. They couldn’t decide so finally lumped all the ones they liked together! Takes away the glamour doesn’t it! Although when you name a child Moon unit Zapper or Zowie Bowie I think there might be a case for suing the parents!!!!!

Naming traditions across cultures vary so wildly. The Romans sometimes had such large families that they got lazy! And would just give their children a number. E.g. Septimus would be the seventh child and Octavius the eighth! Then again, the Victorian’s also did that!

Then I’ve heard of a Native American tradition of naming the child after the first thing they see! I found more here

I thought it might be fun to look up her name and came up with Most Beautiful "People-army" … Conjures up images doesn’t it? But do you go for a Russian or Chinese dictatorship or Californian Summer of Love? Tricky…

Calista Flockhart

So here’s Calista, I decided not to go with Ally McBeal in favour of a reference to her size. I’m sorry but she’s far too thin. Whatever her reason may be! Women should have curves! Maybe that should be my theme next week? Women with curves!! Mama Cass and Dawn French perhaps?

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