Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Matt Smith a better caricature of Doctor Who?

Yesterday I posted a picture of Matt Smith which made me cringe more than a bit. I decided to try both options. Fiddle and redraw.

Matt Smith 001

This is the fiddle, It’s improved the image a bit but it’s still not perfect! It still makes me cringe.

To hell with it, don’t like it at all

I’m going for the complete redraw…

..and I’m getting a bit bored with the joke so how about this one?

Matt Smith

Much better, I’m really happy with the likeness. What about the joke? Hmm…

might need some colour. Something of an in-joke this! Fish fingers and custard are hard to guess unless you’ve seen the first Doctor Who episode with Matt Smith.

Liking his style already! Although David Tennant is a tough act to follow!

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