Sunday, 11 April 2010

Matt Smith as Doctor Who, will this caricature cut the mustard?

Regular readers will know that I’m a bit of a Doctor Who fan. So, how could I resist the new Doctor, Matt Smith. With his long hair and rubbery lips he should be easy to caricature, right?


My first attempt was disastrous!

The second was done directly in ink and has more dynamism than the first. But still, I’m not happy with the likeness?

What do you think?

Matt Smith

The jaw line isn’t quite right and he needs a bit more hair.

I’m trying to decide whether to redraw or touch up. Might try both. I need to do more quick sketches prior to the live drawing session in May. So this will be good practice.

No that I’m not practicing. I’m sketching prolifically on the boat. Just not too many caricatures, too much else to draw.

Blogging has been proving difficult though – sharing a computer with a teenager is never easy for one thing. Plus internet connection has been sporadic in places.

Back to normality tomorrow…Happy or sad? A little bit of both really! But I’ll be able to catch up with the latest Doctor Who and improve the caricature!

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