Monday, 22 March 2010

To hell with the “cult of celebrity” I prefer to caricature Will Smith!

"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." according to Andy Warhol. The “cult of celebrity” is rife with the proliferation of “Reality TV show” . All this is nothing new, but when you’re looking to caricature celebrities, it helps if you know who they are. I try not to watch reality TV shows, with the exception of The Weakest link, I find most of them excruciatingly painful.That’s not to say I haven’t seen any. I don’t mind the concept of the quiz show and the talent show style such as X-Factor and Britain’s got Talent. I enjoy the performances. What I hate is the judging, they spend too long eking out the process – don’t even get me started on voting! I’m sick of Simon Cowell, he just makes me cringe, I don’t care what he thinks, I can make up my own mind.  Thank you!  I know that’s what sells such programmes but I don’t get it. I don’t blame Mr Cowell either, he’s just making the most of a very lucrative situation. But Britain, you can do better!

Strictly Come Dancing is another I’ve seen.. I enjoy Ballroom dancing but to be seen at it’s best, you need to see the whole of the dancers, yet they keep getting those annoying close-ups of people I don’t know from Adam (or Eve) There’s my point, I don’t know who these people are, by and large. I know they’re just trying to rejuvenate failing careers, but it’s all pretty sad. Identifying celebrities to caricature is my problem here. I want my caricatures to have some longevity, but that’s hard to do in a “15 minute fame” culture

Which brings me to the Lowest of the Low of in the genre “Big Brother” and “I’m a celebrity get me out of here!” Why, oh why, oh why would anyone want to watch someone sleeping in bed or sitting around having inane conversations? Thank God they’re axing Big Brother in the UK!  And as for the challenges, get a life. It’s another example of people living vicariously through other people. I’m a Christian. I believe God made you unique and with a purpose. Get out there and find out what it is!

In my book “celebrity” is a title which should be earned, some level of achievement is essential. Not just appearing on a game show or getting your house made over.  Actors, musicians, sportsmen and women, scientists, entrepreneurs – in fact anyone who has ever achieved something which has furthered the knowledge, understanding of our race or ennobled us in any way is worthy of celebrity. Eating bugs isn’t on that list! (Unless, of course, by eating bugs you find a cure for cancer.)

So my choice for “celebrity of the day” is Will Smith. A fine actor who’s intelligent and witty performances have earned my respect. Just hope my caricature is OK with him! Who needs “Celebrity” when you can have real Heroes?

Will Smith V sign

(Apologies if any of this is misquoted, I pulled the references from Wikipedia.)

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