Tuesday, 23 March 2010

So, Colin Firth is sick of the Mr Darcy association! Sorry Colin but how else should I caricature you?

Apparently Colin Firth is sick of being associated with Mr Darcy as I found out when I was looking up Mr Darcy’s costume for this caricature. Oooops, sorry Colin! If it’s any consolation, I never thought you were physically the right type for the part, I always preferred David Rintoul visually. That’s not to say Colin didn’t act well, he just looks wrong and was far too informal for Mr Darcy. OK, I admit Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite books and I hate people messing with my favourite characters. I have  mental image of how the characters should look and Colin is not Mr Darcy. It’s as simple as that.

OK, deep breath… rant over.

I had to perpetuate the Mr Darcy persona, again, soory Mr Firth but cartoon are all about the stereotypes. And you doooo have an association with this name. Bridget Jones ringing any bells yet? His mouth went a bit awry, but the likeness is pretty good, regardless. I think he might have been riding a Shire horse though – perhaps the hoof should have been smaller?

Colin Firth

So, does Colin Firth=Mr Darcy? No, absolutely not! But he makes an acceptable caricature as Mr Darcy.

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