Sunday, 21 March 2010

How do I sketch? Quick drawing of Buckingham Coach house.

A Sketch is one of the hardest types of drawing to master.
As an A level student, sketching was something that I did very little. I couldn’t see the point, or rather I couldn’t see the difference between sketching and drawing. So every time I set about “sketching” it would have to be done as a completed drawing. Looking back at these sketch books I see pages of skeleton drawings- abandoned before they were begun.
Sketching requires a degree of abandon which most people are reluctant to achieve ie they fear failure. I was such a person. When I decided to become an artist I knew it was something I needed to address. Having Read Doug Eyre’s book “Drawing Caricatures” I had started with his daily exercises, which were invaluable.
But, my lack of Art school training was felt acutely. Where and how could I find out about this elusive artist tool – the sketch? Books on art abound in copious quantities. Books on sketchbooks are virtual Hen’s teeth, or so I thought. I finally discovered what I needed on Amazon and then ordered it from the Book Depository (I’ve found they’re cheaper but use the reviews on Amazon to identify useful books).
 “An Illustrated life” by Danny Gregory is beautiful book crammed full of information. It looks at the sketch books of a variety of different artists and how each artist uses his/her sketchbook. Some are complete books in their own right and others show the workings of the creative mind at it’s most dynamic. He even has a superblog called Every Day Matters for those wishing to walk the walk!
I now Sketch daily. Not always well, but the habit is there. I’m less anxious about their imperfections, they are learning pieces. Because I’m learning I force myself to do the subject I detest! Buildings are my particular “bĂȘte noire” so they appear frequently. Sketching informs my artistic style and hones my drawing skill like a knife on stone. The only thing I regret, is that it took over 20 years to make this discovery.
This sketch was done earlier in the week, I see many flaws, but that’s OK, I’ve learnt so much!
Coach House
So, how do you sketch? Do it often, do it quickly, do it habitually, do it happily and whatever your mood, just DO IT!

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