Thursday, 25 March 2010

How to promote Art – getting my paintings seen, finally! But Windows 7 file management sucks!

What’s the point of creating art if it just says in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust? It could be out on display – gathering dust! There comes a point in every serious artist’s career when they must address this thorny issue. It’s an issue close to my heart. I stumbled on Art I like this chap. He talks sense and how could you not be interested in an article which says How Not to Succeed in the Art World? Anyway, I’ve found the articles really interesting and, dare I say it , useful.

The etsy shop is taking shape, I’m trying to get a quantity of work up then I’ll look to promoting a few items. I’m having a real problem with Windows 7 though. I had a great system with my old laptop linked to a remote storage facility and the Operating system was Windows NT which worked really well. The file management program in Windows7 is excruciatingly, painfully SLOW. I’m talking 5-10 minute per file open slow. The older “slower” machine took seconds. I want my old laptop back :0(

I’ve been focussing more on the blogging to try and make my site more interesting. Hopefully that’s working.

Anyway, I’m pushing the boundaries and little by little chinks are appearing.

Tuesday sees the formal opening of the Stowe Exhibition. I will have the following three painting on show



… “He became sin for us”

He became sin for us

and “Praia do Castelejo”

Praia del Castelejo

There will also be the launch for the Buckingham Art Trail at this same event. I’ve nothing in this 6 week block but I had a piece in the Art trail pilot. And I’ve a few pieces which have been proposed for the next block starting in May.

Online, my art has also been featured on the Deep Time Threshold Art Movement site known as DTTAM for short. A little bit more exposure, always a good thing! It’s a new movement based in New York. We’ll see how it develops shall we?

I think I’d better create some more art now!


Anonymous said...

I think we have the same thing going on here. I got my 'big' break after posting my art work on an art community too,, and someone said I had great potential, I have been receiving tremendous feedback and orders from him. I hope your adventure would be as exciting, if not, more exciting than mine.

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

I am not an expert but could it be your anti virus causing your slow file transfer ?

Drawn to Caricature said...

That would be possible, but I doubt it as we're using the same software on another computer running windows NT and that loads pictures in seconds.

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