Sunday, 7 March 2010

Playing with inktense pencils – moody sketches

It’s very late as I write and rather than defer my post I’ll complete it tonight and add the images tomorrow. I spent some time last night playing with my inktense pencils. I found this picture in the paper and loved the texture of the hood and the moody expression. So I decided to copy it as I get to grips with the pencils. It was also a chance to practice some quick, loose sketching. It’s worked quite well, just need to expand the idea to something original.
Moody man
I’ve been brushing up on pencil strokes following an interesting article in Paint magazine. I may have mentioned I never studied art after A level and often feel there have been gaps in my art education which I have been endeavouring to fill in and with time should be able to address. Although I frequently wonder whether a lifetime of dedicated study with no time wasted at all would ever fully satisfy my need for artistic knowledge and development.

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