Monday, 8 March 2010

New abstract painting or is it an eye test?

Sometimes when I start these posts I’ve no idea what to say. It seems there are only so many times you can talk about artwork before you end up repeating yourself. This is one of those occasions.

Today was very productive. I completed 2 abstract pictures before I worked on my canvas abstract. I’m beginning to build up some texture now so it’s looking less like an image from a geometry text book and more like a work of art. I’ve also been doing some figure and facial sketches which are pretty so-so. Therefore, I’ve decided to post an abstract – this image is a bit fuzzy so I’ll redo it tomorrow when I get some daylight.


As yet I have no title but I was intrigued to note that, in my attempt to sharpen the image, the focus moves from left to right as I adjust the settings. So I think I’ve invented my own stereoscopic focusing test! Talking of which my eyes feel funny…

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