Saturday, 6 March 2010

Manga cartooning

I went to a workshop today at Canvas art store run by Emily Brady. It was Creating Manga art using Inktense pencils. I felt a bit old to begin with, other than Emily and myself everybody else there was under 20! And Emily is not that much older herself. At least I understood some of the references about films which made me feel less old but many of the names were Greek to me. Anyway, a good time was had by all and this is my Manga creation. I can’t claim much originality, except perhaps for the hair, as I was using a book as reference. I changed the direction of the face, nose and mouth and the body was a composite, but I like it.

Manga character

You can just see some of Emily’s demonstration drawing showing the principles of Manga faces in the bottom right hand corner!

Afterwards, I was planning to do some sketching in town, but needed to get home- it was later than I thought. Instead I continued to play with my Intense pencils at home. I did a quick sketch of a picture in the paper. I’ve also seen a fabulous body pose which I might have to Cartoonify for reference!

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