Saturday, 20 March 2010

Promoting or creating art, which is more important?

Being an artist should involve creating art and nothing else, right?
That’s what I always thought as I dreamed about an art career. All I’d need to do was produce the pictures and the buyers would snap them up, such was my talent. Naive I know, but hey, I was young!
Initially I bought the Artist’s Yearbook  which has a list of all the galleries in the UK. After perusing the chapters, I sent out lots of emails. To which I’ve had 2 replies. I quote from the first, “we looked at you work with great interest.” It got me excited... for about 2 seconds until I realised it must be a form letter.
Watching the art market and seeing who’s successful, I realised that ability is not enough. Sometimes I think it’s irrelevant! Realising I’d have to work at the sales thing, I looked for more guidance.
During further searches, I stumbled across a useful website called Art and a really great article “How not to succeed in the Art World.” The underlying theme? “Networking is the key!” Great, but where, how when? I sometimes feel I’m stumbling blindly through Hampton Court Palace Maze without a map or guide shouting directions which way to turn.
This week I gripped the bull by the horns and The action plan was launched. Application for local art exhibition in, networking meeting in London, Art to printers, Etsy shop opened yesterday. You get the picture! The only thing this artist hasn’t devoted hours to this week is the art!

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