Saturday, 6 February 2010

Simon Pegg caricature drawing– Scotty says “Does my engine room look big in this?”

Today, I’m seriously brassed off! I was planning to participate in the Bucks open studios programme which happens in June. Today, I found out that the deadline for entry was the 25th January!!!!!!!!!! I was convinced it was February so I checked the website earlier on to download the forms, only to find I was too late. I’m not happy! I’ve also not been ale to draw much as I’ve been getting to grips with the website software. I need to sort out the photographs, and need some image editing software, which I’m currently downloading. I’ve been using Picassa but I’m not very impressed with the editing options. I have a skeleton of the new site but I really need to sort my images out and it’s proving to be a slow job.

I eventually quit last night—after my rant – and started a caricature of Simon Pegg in ink. A simple, black and white image. I went for his recent role as Scotty in Star Trek. I thought he should be placed in an engine room and couldn’t resist the nod to Doctor Who. What tools would an engineer in the future use? A sonic spanner?

Simon Pegg

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