Thursday, 4 February 2010

Better Beyonce Caricature Painting

So, I thought I’d have another crack at painting Beyonce. The last one wasn’t really to my satisfaction. A top of the world, space theme seemed a good setting for a caricature of a successful singer. A why not give her a glass of wine to celebrate her success – pity she’s spilling it. I was going to make it champagne – hence the cork - but I thought there was too much brown already and against the darkness of the space she needed red wine! (or it could be VERY pink champagne?) Then it occurred to me,  why stop there? So, I gave her a red dress to match.

Beyonce on top of the world

I finished a sketch and did a couple of rapid people whilst waiting for children leaving schools and getting off buses.

This morning I met up with another BAFA member and we went around potential vendors for the art trail. Had a really productive morning with most people signing up and those who didn’t were willing to meet at another time. Then I came home a fiddled around on the computer trying to redo my website. The current one is OK but I need to add some features that Google sites won’t permit!

Right, I’m off to continue redesigning before I go to bed!

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