Saturday, 6 February 2010

It’s gone, finally. Completed caricature and Happy client…my work is done!

So, I’ve finally finished the painting I’ve been “working on for months”. I was not working on it for all this time and it wasn’t terribly complicated, but there were an awful lot of delays in communications and the initial photographs used were not a good likeness. After the initial delays I started procrastinating as I had no deadline to work towards…fatal!!!!!!!! Anyhow, here it are two charming redhead girls on the swings and slide at a park overlooking the beach. Oh, and they’ve just finished a snowman who is starting to melt…poor guy! Oh and the doll is a favourite doll which has been decorated by the child and is never clothed!
This is the first time I’ve used Hot pressed watercolour paper for a painting. I’ve tended to use Bristol board but it has a very shiny surface which doesn’t take the paint very well.
I’ve been thinking it might be time to revisit some of my earlier caricatures, especially Richard Hammond, I think I can do so much better now.

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