Friday, 12 February 2010

Falling – acrylic painting and looking for inspiration

I seem to have Artist’s block again. I’ve finally got the time to paint, all the materials I need – but don’t know what to start! I should go back to the “street skater” and I fancy doing so relief work in acrylic. I need to sort out a studio easel as my current one's are too wimpy for the task. One’s a table top style and the other’s a field easel. Fine for small work but nothing bigger that 20”. They keep moving when apply pressure any harder than a butterfly’s wing! Or the pictures bounce off when I paint too vigorously.

I spent some time on the “street skater” and some body poses for caricatures. This is the other abstract I finished yesterday. Another blue and silver creation. There might be a few circles in there. ;-)


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