Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Geometric artwork. It’s abstract but it looks like I painted a darts board!

Yesterdays painting went well and I have this lovely abstract as a result – I removed the masking today and managed to rip the paper only once. Unusual for a complicated picture and, knowing how I tend to rush,the trick is not to remove the masking before the paint is dry. You also get lovely coloured fingers – green and brown with a slight iridescent effect in this case! So Voila, my abstract…

Centre of attention


The trouble is, now all I can see is a darts board, whichever way I look at it. Is it a good thing? Hmm! not sure, probably yes although I’m not a darts fan… anymore. OK, I admit to chucking the odd few dozen darts as a teenager – far too close to my Mum’s piano for her liking! No longer, I have cast off this pointy activity in a pointed way! Maybe I should view it as an attempt at self hypnosis, although, if that were to succeed, how would I bring myself around? I’m off target now –hah just realised the pun there! Unintentional, I assure you.

Now, what should I paint next? A caricature, portrait or return to that streetskater?

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