Sunday, 28 February 2010

Barack Obama – the world in his hands Caricature

Yesterday I started this caricature drawing of Barack Obama. It was progressing well, until I decided to use grey pen for his skin. I know, I know, I’ve said this before, when will I ever learn. I should have used a Copic marker pen, not a pigment pen, sigh…

Anyway here’s Barack, the skin tone is too dark, I know, but it was that or leave him even more blotchy – I didn’t like that option!

Barack Obama - the world in his hands

As I haven’t done a caricature for a while, I thought I’d post him. I’ve also finished my abstracts. Two have worked really well but the third is so-so. Still debating the Summer exhibition entry, no decision yet. I can have a maximum of 2 entries, so they need to be right. I suspect they need to be fairly traditional but looking at the judges that might not be the case. Don’t you wish you could read minds sometimes?

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