Monday, 1 March 2010

Core values – a circle based abstract in blue, red and silver

I’ve been nursing 3 sick children today, but still managed to do the odd sketchy thing and even play with the acrylics. I emphasise the play, it’s not a piece I think has any artistic merits.

So, in the time honoured Blue Peter tradition, “Here’s one I did earlier”

Core values

This one’s a bit metaphysical it’s called “Core values”. The circles are layers of our personality,  the spikes representing parts of our character which penetrate our very being, transcending the layers of daily routine behaviours and thoughts becoming more complex as we reach our ‘centre’. The blue and red colours reflecting competing desire of passion and calmness. I know, far too deep for a blog about cartooning. What can I say, I’m evolving?!?!?!??

I’m now going to ruin it all by saying I keep thinking of ice cream when I look at this! The red reminds me of raspberry ripple!

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