Saturday, 27 February 2010

Abstracts today

I wasn’t able to finish anything last night, too busy working on some abstracts. Hopefully later on today – I’m waiting for masking to dry then I can start the painting.

I’ve linked all my sites together now. All seems to be working nicely, so far... I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that I want to do more fine arts. I’m not going to stop doing caricatures, I don’t think, but I’m getting a real kick out of the abstracts in particular, plus I think my opportunities for general art sales might be more open to fine arts than caricatures. I’m thinking of the Art trail, which, ironically, does not feature my artwork this time, but I’m still hopeful for the future. It’s a bit frustrating, given all the work I’m putting in, that this block will get lots of advertising whilst the block which featured my work was not advertised at all. However, I’m not going to let that get me down, rejection is normal in this business!

I need to look to the exhibition at Stowe, deadline for entries is 15th March. I’ve submitted a piece to the Society for all artists (SAA) I’m also wondering about the Summer exhibition this year. The deadline is soon, but I’m not sure what the enter. The theme is Raw!

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