Monday, 18 January 2010

The day beckons!

Here I am, sitting at home on yet another day when a child is off, this time due to illness. Fortunately it’s the eldest and he lets me get on and work. I’m a heartless woman!!!!! More snow forecast for later on in the week. Let’s hope they’re a bit more organised with the gritting this time. Talking of snow here are some of the pictures I promised last week.P1132666


I think I need to work on lighting!

Today has been far more productive than I expected. I’ve managed to finish some abstracts and a couple of sketches today. A quick one of the dog, amazingly he stayed still long enough, and it’s a paint sketch. So here is Arrow asleep.

Arrow_Asleep 001

I also did one of my paintbox and brushes. It’s a bit more stylised and controlled than the one above

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