Sunday, 17 January 2010

It’s my pressie!

I’m having extreme difficulty getting access to my computer at the moment. Normally we have another one that the children play games on but it’s broken – pretty completely at that. So everyone wants to use mine… it’s making posting a tad difficult but I’ll press on. Even when I do get near the computer, someone is usually hovering wondering when I will finish. Not that I have anything to post for yesterday. A couple of pencil scribbles but nothing finished or worthy of sharing. Spent most of the day either food shopping, sorting out the house or cleaning the cooker-yuk. By the time I’d finished all that It was a struggle to motivate myself to do anything. Had a drink and watched “Mr and Mrs Smith”

Today has been much better and I managed an indoor sketch, first thing. I will add it tomorrow, so if you’re reading this before then, sorry!

Interior Here it is, the view from my bedroom.

Still some more cleaning, de-cluttering and general tidying to do – we’re having a party for Siobhan next Saturday. Eeeeeek! Why, oh why, oh why did I agree to that?

To add insult to injury, even Andrew’s hogging the laptop to scan in old slides with the slide/film scanner he’s just bought!!!!!!!

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