Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Back to the beginning?

The commission is still haunting me, there are some issues with likeness. Just been sent a picture which, had I had it earlier, would have made the whole process so much easier. I’m trying to decide whether or not to tweak or start again! Part of me would really like to cut my losses and start again and the other thinks, Oooh no, not again! I think it’s going to be a start again as I firmly believe the client should be happy with the picture. That and tweaking always looks messy.
Having written the above this morning, I decided to start again. I’ve nearly finished pencilling in the picture. I’ve not had time to do anything else but I’m happier about the picture than I have been at any time previously.
So, I’ve decided to post one of my abstracts from yesterday. I used a slightly different technique on this one. I really like the way the colour have mixed. Not sure on a title yet - oh that sounds familiar! I quite like “Venus” or “Orbit” decisions, decisions…

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