Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wednesday already, where did the week go?

What have I been doing? You know, I'm not sure! How come so long has passed without a post? Let's see. Saturday I went to the wonderful MK Printmakers it's a small place which is part of Artworks-MK On the way back I went shopping and did a littl sketch of the Christmas decoration on the table when I had coffee!Then the evening we had Christmas tree lighting up in the village. Dominic went to a frineds for a sleepover so we had a "Grown up" evening!
On Sunday I battled with my biography for the Buckingham Arts trail trial. (That looks so weird!)
On Monday I had a sick child - lots of sitting cuddling- but I was able to looks trhough some new books I've just bought. I was able to select 3 pictures and email those with the biography to the lady coordinating the trial. Here's hoping.
Tuesday - shopping and housework, yuk. Had a meeting with a client about the ongoing caricature, and finally picked up a paintbrush.
Now, I'm off to paint.

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