Friday, 27 November 2009


I was having a pretty good day until about an hour ago. I've been trying to find out which painting received the votes in the competition and have been informed that I wasn't awarded a highly commended after all, despite it being announced! They've decided as there was a tie for first place, not to have a highly commended award! I wouldn't have minded if they'd said that at the exhibition but I've spent the last 2 weeks thinking I'd had some success and now I'm really disappointed! I take consolation from the fact there was only 1 vote between mine and the winners! As it's relevant, here's my third entry. It's called "Global Village."

On a more positive note, I've finally made some headway with the street skater picture. It's looking much better now. I've also identified some more competitions to enter. Got to get back on the proverbial horse! Already feeling more positive for writing this entry.

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