Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Procrastinate, what me?

I've been feeling really low today. You know, the "I'll never be any good at this, can't think what to do and I'll never earn any money selling art" type low. I keep telling myself "I've already earned some money selling art, so there's no reason why I shouldn't earn more!" but it's not working. The street skating painting is still not going well. I'm tempted to paint over it or attack it with a stanley knife. Please feel free to email any creative suggestions...

In an effort to lift my spirits and develop some inspiration and motivation, I thought I'd go through my sketchbooks to see if anything was inspiring. Looking at my really old ones I'm struck with a feeling of anger/regret that I was never "taught" the basics of sketching. And -what's worse - never sought the information for myself. We discussed drawing but not how to get things down rapidly for sketches and hatching. As a result I used to avoid anything which looked too complicated because it took too long. I've rectified the problem now, but I could kick myself! It's been a significant block to my artistic development. Still better late than never! I'm still wondering whether I should have gone to art college... I would like to but I think with family commitments it's not going to be practical.

Went to the BAFA meeting this evening, I'm feeling much more positive. I think painting over the dreaded picture is probably the way forward.

This is something I'm pleased with. It's titled "Black hole" and reflects my mood today perfectly!


Tomorrow I'm doing the Mumsy bit, Harvest festival! Hopefully, I will get time to draw in the evening!

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