Monday, 5 October 2009

Another caricature, finally. Presenting Toby McGuire

At last, another caricature... only a week since the last one. I'm slipping. "At least I managing to post everyday!" she quips with a smile! Oh, wait a minute, I missed yesterday :0(

(Changing subject rapidly)

So, here's Toby. Do I have to explain this one? Or is the "Spiderman" reference sufficiently blatant? He looks a bit strange with the beard but I liked the picture, so beard it is...

Toby McGuire

All children at school, so pursuit of artwork a doddle today. Played with some self levelling medium. Only a small bit, so I can see it's properties and potential. It's hard to construct a pattern when the material you're using is opaque but dries clear. I've painted over the heads of the figures in the acrylic piece - very strange it looks too... maybe I should keep it like that and go surreal? "Headless street hockey" has a certain macabre ring to it! I'm sure Stephen King would approve... yes, I'm sure he would...

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