Thursday, 8 October 2009

Artist's block broken

The sun is shining on a cool October day, all the children are at school- all on time and one by the skin of his teeth... I've an unexpected meeting to attend at 10am - letter sent on 29th September and received yesterday. I didn't realise the date was today immediately, so cutting it a bit fine comes to mind.

Well, yesterday I was back on task. Succumbing to the desire, I finally painted over the acrylic so there are no figures to annoy me. Just need to put them in again. I've decided what to paint for the BAFA competition - nothing too "avant guarde", it's not the market for that sort of thing. Monday I discovered the joys of Self-levelling gel, I should be able to play with it today, it was nearly cured yesterday...

In the evening, I started a caricature of George Cluney, I wasn't able to finish it last night, but I should do today. Will post later. I'm still wondering whether it will be colour or black and white, decisions, decisions.

Yesterday, my approval for blog distributor came, I'm not allowed to notify people which blogs entries I'm paid to write, but I'm not planning to sell my soul, just earn some money.

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