Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Well, I've done it! My RA entry has now been submitted. I spent yesterday completing framing and moving pictures. The six pictures for Stowe were deposited first, just before midday, and then was the long journey to London. I don't advise transporting a 122 x 76 cm picture on a windy day - I nearly took flight on more than one occasion but I did it. I was pleasantly surprise at the general friendliness and goodwill expressed by my fellow competitors. I wish them well.

We're on the boat this week so getting to the station proved complicated, especially when we were 2 miles short of our destination on Monday evening. After some cycling and car juggling I was only and hour behind schedule and even passed the boat on the way home. Not much time to do other drawings but managed some quick sketches on the train. No images yet but when I get home I'll download them.

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