Friday, 3 April 2009


I've finally finished my RA entry, well, I've stopped painting. There are still areas I want to work on further but if I don't stop now it won't get framed in time. I really must overcome my procrastination gene- it's mainly fear of making a mistake! I'm about 85% happy and have learned some useful things for my next big painting. I'm still ambiguous about using acrylics again but having found some ways around the limitations i.e they dry too fast, I think I'll probably try them again. Only the framing and delivery to go now, train trip to London required - I don't fancy putting it in the storage locker of a coach- all those heavy bags and sharp edges. Fortunately the canvas is nice and light but the frame...acres of bubble wrap required.

Circle abstract Tonight, I need to concentrate on framing and finishing off the 6th picture for the Stowe exhibition as we're on the boat from tomorrow. So I'm not going to get any portraits done, I don't think. This circle abstract picture is one of my entries for Stowe. I decided to exhibit a range rather than just portraits.

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