Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Averting disaster

Now, you may need to sit down before you continue...


I've actually...

Done a portrait!!!!!!!!!

(Firework display overhead , lots of cheers and champagne corks popping)

So here it is, Blue boy (Adam) mark 2

CIMG3690I left you yesterday heady from solvent fumes after spray painting and I greet you today heady with fumes from pastel fixatives. I may possibly have mentioned entering some pictures into an exhibition at Stowe school next week. Well, yesterday I went to frame the pictures and discovered I'd inadvertently put one of my pictures onto a recently oiled paint palette. The picture is effectively ruined. As I had already specified the picture details on the form I am not able to submit any other picture, so I've had to redraw him. Actually, to be honest and though it pains me to say this... I think I prefer this one to the original, (below).

I might need to touch it up a little, but me likey! image

I decided to take a break from the RA entry as I'm feeling more than a little resentful of the time it's taking, and jaded with constantly looking at it. That and I had illness issues with children, well child to be more precise, but nothing that a pep talk and calpol couldn't fix!!!! The drive to and from his school ate into my painting time quite severely.

I have 4 pictures framed! Only 3 more to go!

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