Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Acrylic, playing with textures

CIMG3689No new portraits but I'm making steady progress with the big picture having revamped the entire background yesterday and it's now working better. I consequently had to dash out to get some more red paint as I finished it off last night making up a large batch of dark blue. (No I didn't make a mistake I used the red to darken the blue). Rather than waste the surplus I started playing with textures and colour effects with the leftover bits. Hence the strange and blobby efforts to the left, I think the feathered effect is probably my favourite. The pretty flowers were from a Christmas table runner.

I've an idea for a collage/abstract with lots of texture. I'm just trying CIMG3688to decide how to do the hair.

Last week I ordered some frames but the one for my RA entry was the wrong shade of gold - I needed yellow gold, so I have sprayed it and orange gold has now become silver. Anyway, I'm now high as a kite from all those solvents in the paint. Mmmmm hazy...

I've got to crack on with framing my pictures for the Stowe exhibition next week. But I've managed to wreck one of them by putting it on my oil paint palette - it was clean of oil paint but I'd just oiled it!

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