Sunday, 8 March 2009

Problem solving

Problems, problems! The children were off school on Friday so being nursemaid and general dogsbody.

I've been a bit stuck on my Summer exhibition entry so I spent the time I had on Friday trying different ideas out. I think I've finally worked out how to progress so here goes!

Saturday was spent at a scrapbook crop. I love scrapbooks, an artistic way of presenting photographs, and so much more than just gluing them into albums.

When I finally arrived home, domesticity took over and continued today - the old parental guilt trip at daring to have something in my life that doesn't revolve around them. Also frustration at not being able to move across children's bedrooms without climbing over the toy and clothes mountains with the lurking traps of broken toys pieces -especially the old lego brick under the bare foot. I managed to fit in a little reading as well - techniques and the like. I don't think I'm procrastinating, just redressing the life/work balance

So nothing new worth posting yet, alas, but I did tweak the old Kate Hudson picture, much better! Although the eyes...? No, they look like that on the photos!

Kate Hudson

....and now I'm off to paint. There should be no obstacles tonight and tomorrow. No, I shouldn't have said that...

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