Thursday, 5 March 2009

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson Managed a quick sketch last night of Kate Hudson and no sooner do I post it than here I go spotting the flaws . No...not going there now. It's all practice. Bother, and I was quite pleased that I'd managed a likeness in such a short time! I might refine it a bit more and repost - there's definitely potential there... No, I'm not going to be negative. It is good, just needs finishing. I'm trying to be more positive about my work. Instead of dwelling on the flaws seeing them as stages of development. I read an interesting piece on "perfectionism and procrastination" the other day - scary how much I recognised of myself in the description. I found it from this page How to ruin creativity

I especially enjoyed the quote from Chuck Close:- “Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up.” I then got distracted by the quiz on procrastination... ha, ha, ha!

So, I'm trying the old positive thinking approach. I guess I'm just very British - It's easier to find fault than see the good.

So despite the fact today has been very frustrating - too many personal things getting in the way. Five minute jobs taking an hour, children being ill and needing collecting from school. The "new me" is being positive - I managed to fit in a little painting done - in between the chaos. May joy be unconfined...

Now to try and resolve the issues for the big painting.

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