Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Not a bad day's painting yesterday - despite two eldest still being off school. In my best Marlene Dietrich voice "I vant to be alone!"

I found this article "How chocolate can be good for your painting" while I was having lunch. I like her style! Must find a way to include it in my painting/drawing.

I've been bullied into doing Keira Knightly with my daughter. So I've drawn her and Siobhan's painting her. I also started a second one which I am going to paint - emphasis on I. Not that I'm a control freak, but there's a touch -the merest hint of a touch (no, if I'm honest, a whacking huge dollop of a dose-)of OCD in my make-up. I hate anyone doing anything to my pictures. Not mounting or framing but drawing on. It makes them no longer mine. That might be another reason why I didn't get on with my A level art teacher. He would draw on my work - to show how to improve it - and then I'd want to start it over again!!!!!!!

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