Sunday, 15 February 2009

Matt Damon or is it "The Joker"

Matt Damon Sometimes I regret committing myself to publishing the good and the bad, I don't want other people to see my mistakes. You might have guessed, I'm not at all happy with this one! It's mainly the mouth, but other bits are irritating me as well. I decided to finish it anyway and try again - I think I need to do a lot of redraws this week. Sighs heavily! I'm feeling very negative at the moment, it's just a phase I know but I must work through it. Sorry Matt, I will do you justice.

It may also be getting to grips with a new medium. This was my second attempt with the inktense pencils and they go sooooo much darker when they have water applied. So, on a lighter note, can you see the joker? I know the mouth is definitely him, it would have been good on a caricature! So red, almost clown like, maybe that's why he looks so creepy. Oh, and the tie, there should be a public health warning on the tie!

There, feeling a bit better now. I'm pleased with my abstract, so far. It's still not dry. It's so boring waiting, like watching paint dry...ha, ha, ha. Laugh, I almost started.

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