Monday, 16 February 2009

Matt Damon - emerging

P2161482Attempt number 2! Getting there. The eyes aren't quite right yet, needs a bit more work and the left moving slightly but at least it's not as comical as yesterday's effort.

Looks again.

Hang on, do I see a bit of Arnold Schwarzenagger today? Or have I finally lost track of reality? Probably both, I definitely need to move that eye.

Pastels have to be one of my favourite mediums, if not the one! I just love the feathery effect, the way the image can be sculpted and the creamy texture which allows for smooth blending with a satin finish. Not to mention the speed with which the image is created.

Yeah, that might be it? Or maybe it's just the after effects following the inhalation of all that fixative that's the reason?

Do I thinks so? Not really!! But I have to confess to a certain light headedness following fixing.

I don't like the way my hands resemble pickled walnuts when I've finished. And I defy any preschooler to make a bigger mess on their way to the sink than me!

So it's time to head to bed. Be warned though, "I'll be back!" Oops, I think Arny's finally taking over!

Looks over shoulder.

Does anyone know where John Conner is?

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