Friday, 13 February 2009

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet I think I'm in Luurve! I was experimenting with my new inktense pencils. I love the intensity of the colours, especially when the water is added and turns into a wash. Don't you just love new toys. Today's playtime resulted in this rough sketch of Kate Winslet. I copied from a newspaper photograph, loved the pose. I'm debating whether to work this up into a finished picture or find another one? It's not the most flattering pose but I quite like it, especially the open eye.

Playtime continued after recess with abstract exploring. I'm fascinated with circles, especially done with masking fluid and then painted so guess what I've been doing, go on guess! Oh yes, I've already told you. I've done the masking, now I need to do the painting. Probably won't be sufficiently dry to enable removal of the masking fluid until Sunday. The hardest part is waiting to remove the masking fluid. No the hardest part is waiting 'til the masking fluid is dry, no removing it, no waiting for drying...Aaaargh I HATE WAITING!

"I want it Now!"

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