Friday, 6 February 2009

Leonardo Di Caprio?

Leonardo DiCaprioI think I've discovered a new condition. It's called "Morphitis". It's the process by which a portrait changes from one person into another. For example, Leonardo here started off looking like Robert Redford, then Andrew enquired if it was Bill Clinton (Honestly, with such reassurance in my abilities, it's a wonder I continue). Undeterred I ploughed on and, finally, achieved a passable likeness. I realised long ago, it's better to stop some pictures early, before my boredom starts to show in the work, and I was beginning to be heartily sick of this one. It's often better to start again. The watercolour pencils are a first for me. I've used regular pencils - way back in the dark ages. I prefer bolder colours and pencils tend to be a bit insipid. I've just invested in a Derwent "Inktense" set, so we'll see how I get on with those.

I've finally started painting my Royal Academy entry. It looks pretty rubbish so far but they always do at this stage.

My creative muse has been somewhat tested this week with school's being closed due to snow - a rather pathetic 4 inches at most yesterday - but enough to cause chaos to traffic. We live on a steep hill which develops into an ice rink with the slightest snow. Being a side road it remains un-gritted until one of us goes out with a shovel. I admit to ultimate wimpishness on Monday when I watched 2 cars slide down the hill- I didn't fancy making mine the third, so all children were kept off despite no closures at the time. Only to be joined by Andrew on Tuesday. We sallied forth and, even though I had to take my eldest to school myself - we'd missed the bus. By Thursday all the schools had given up and closed.

Still the snow has provided plenty of camera Fodder, providing some very pleasing results. see below.P2051366P2051365P2051376P2051351

And lots of opportunities to play...


Reeta said...

Is it bad that I see John Krasinski... minus the nose.

Drawn to Caricature said...

Could be? But are you looking for him? Not bad, I'm still honing my skills!

Reeta said...

Hmm maybe I was.

You still did an awesome job on it. My artistic skills include happy faces and stick men. :P

I do love the Lilly Allen drawing. :D

Drawn to Caricature said...

Thank you! Maybe I should try John Krasinski next, after the group of 4 children I'm working on.

Reeta said...


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