Thursday, 5 February 2009

Lily Allen

Lilly Allen No caricature today. I fancied a regular portrait. I've finished the painting of Lilly Allen -bar some minor tweeking and touching up, I'm not happy with the likeness but I've worked out what's wrong now, so I'll have to do it again - I seem to be saying that a lot recently. At least she's stopped looking like Debby Harry. The overall effect is quite pleasing, especially the hair and right eye. I definitely should have used masking fluid on this one, I tried white crayon but didn't spot a mark on the crayon so it has a few dirty streaks - bother!

Today we have a lovely snowy scene outside, children off school, again! Andrew is also working from home -good luck! The concept of "work" and home is one the children struggle with. Anyway, I'm off out to take some piccies and see if I can find something to work on.

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